Members of the B.A.M community believe that all men are created equal. Society owes us nothing. Our ability to reach our full potential is determined by our own ambition, work ethic and consistency. In the words of B.A.M Music recording artist Illy the Spitter "We only respect results over here, we have zero tolerance for excuses. We’re not looking for any favours or bring-ins, we're building this from the ground up. We’ve been put here to serve a purpose & we won’t stop until our mission is accomplished. By Any Means."

B.A.M Music

Whether we have 1 act or 100 acts on our roster we will only ever endorse authenticity. The music business is a business first and foremost, but we aim to keep the two as separate as possible. The business should never dictate the music.

Social networking has given independent artists a stronger position in the industry than ever before. The downside is that music consumers can now be influenced by likes, views, followers and other online statistics. We encourage you to look past the numbers. Our goal is to build a community where no numerical value is used to determine the worth of an artist. Let the art speak for itself.

B.A.M Studios

In September of 2011 B.A.M studios opened its doors as a high quality recording facility, specialising in vocal production. For tracking we primarily use the classic U87/737 combination, adding some analogue warmth to our tracks whilst maintaining the clarity and detail of working in the digital domain. With premium AD/DA converters on either end of our signal chain we achieve the cleanest possible audio on the way in and crystal clear playback on the way out in our acoustically treated control room environment.

From recording to mixing and mastering we offer a wide variety of services at very competitive rates.

Recording: from £20 per hour
Vocal Mix from £30
Instrumental Mix from £40
Full Track Mix (Vocal & Instrumental) from £70
Audio Mastering:
(50% off mastering with any mix)
from £50
Radio Jingle from £75

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